"YASNA" - a multifunctional health complex
The concept of interior space of the water tower

St. Petersburg, Priozerskoe highway
Projected area 100 sq.m.
Concept 2018

The object of the design is the interior space of the water tower on the territory of the multifunctional health complex "Yasna".

The concept of the proposed space was chosen based on the initial data, which suggests that there are quite a lot of options for different structures on the territory of the complex, intended for guests. However, there is no comfortable office space for the administrative staff of the complex. The presence of such a space is very important for effective solutions to the problems that arise daily in front of the team.

In terms of functional zoning:
Floor1 - info point and reception;
Floor 2: Office for multiple workplaces;
Floor 3: conference room;
Floor 4 - Lounge area and a closed observation deck for both staff and guests.

The main idea of the concept relies on the functional and figurative approach. The functional approach is based on the task of competent zoning. The main element of the interior is a translucent partition, which is built to the full height of the building and serves both a dividing function (stairs from the floor space) and a decorative one. It is tied to the image of the interior. The rhythmic pattern of the partition emphasizes the dynamics of the spiral staircase. An important function of this design is to let light into the zoned spaces.