Co-working in apart-hotel

Saint-Petersburg 37, Dnepropetrovskaya str.
Projected area: 327 m2
Seats: 57
The project is realized: 2022.
Photos: Anton Ivanov
Interior Designer: Anna Korolyova

RIDGE is a coworking area in conjunction with service apartments. It is located on the second level of an apart-hotel within a walking distance from the center of Saint-Petersburg. The objective of the project was creation of a contemporary ergonomic space, where individual residents, as well as groups, teams of opinion allies, could comfortably work, communicate, spend significant portions of their time.

The base for design solutions became functional zoning with setting aside spaces for work of two, four, six people, as well as individual work places. A transformer negotiation room and auditorium are equipped with necessary multimedia equipment and allow holding meetings, briefings, conferences of any complexity level.

The reception zone is intended for the apart-hotel coworking residents. The main emphasis is on a custom metal structure with a linear lighting fixture. The registration desk is made in a laconic industrial style, where wood, metal and a mirror are harmonizing. The entry zone is complemented with a waiting area with a sofa for the clients.

A conceptual idea of the coworking area is an urban atmosphere, inspired by avenues, street lamps, facades of the buildings, roofs of the houses. Stylistics of American urbanism, supported by metal structures and an open ceiling with communication lines.

Partitions of reinforced glass with metal insertions, unique for each selected area, determine the interior style. An important colour solution is a deep blue tinge of the furniture, transferred to other elements, gathering, connecting them in the integral whole. Lighting fixtures and installations have been produced under unique drawings, created especially for that particular interior.

Working areas of the coworking facility are divided by a passage way. The partitions are equipped with consoles, indicating working areas. For convenience of navigation, red stripes are painted on the floor, showing directions of movement. Metal frames and black details ensure a required contour and graphics of the interior, determining a common space.

One of the attraction and informal communication centers becomes a cozy coffee-point zone with a kitchenette, which introduces a necessary element of home environment into the interior. Surface finish, tints of the warm wood and leather are supporting zoning at the contrast with a cold turquoise fabric and metal.

An important task became integration of a logotype. As a graphic repeated ornament, it is placed on a portion of vertical surfaces, becoming an integral part of the visual image. The interior is acquiring individual features, becoming recognizable.

Taken as a whole, coworking area RIDGE contains laconic forms and functional moderation with bright details. Like that it had been envisaged and like that it has been created.

A styled, smart, intelligent, unique place.