hot dog bar

St. Petersburg, Srednerogatskaya str. Srednerogatskaya 13 bldg.1
The projected area is 63 sq.m.
Number of seats 32
The project was implemented in 2023
Photo: Dmitry Tsyrenschikov


How do specific features of a bar house and its menu work upon its interior? Spoiler alert: significantly and metaphorically. We'll explain you, referring to the GOOD BOY project, how hot-dogs, uniquely cooked, became the bar house's color concept base.

To start with, you are offered to recall a classical formulation of a hot-dog: a white bread roll, some ketchup, mayonnaise sauce and…mustard. Bright and odoriferous, this spice has a warming effect, and in case of the interior it makes it warmer visually. We have applied this method and used mustard-yellow tones as accent base.

As a principal color, we have chosen gray with inhomogeneous concrete texture. Against its ashy- and smoky- colored background the bright accents literally light up and animate a "brutal space" (a space without a touch of elegance) of the bar-house. It looks as if the sun beams transfix a murky sky and illuminate everything around.

For such contrasts in the interior are responsible sunny- and amber-colored glass block partitions, honey-mustard floor tiles, and a warm color of the wooden furniture and decorative metal chains of the chandelier. Echoing them back, are seemingly unnoticeable details: lunch napkins on the tables and LED illumination of the logotype.

An intense compound dark blue color helped to create gradations and somehow dilute those tones, which are diametrally opposite. A decorative plaster on the walls, the upholstery and the side walls of the cashier-bar zone were used as spots of the above color. It was there, by the way, where we manage to emphasize a harmonic combination of the dark blue color on ceramic tiles and the gray one on the perforated wall.

Now we are coming to the style and planning

If we review the bar house interior as a whole, one may observe lots of engineering-technical details at sight. Graphic track lamps (entirely black on a track), piping under the ceiling, equipment and kitchen hoods of stainless steel in the show kitchen zone – all those elements refer to the loft style. However, in that interior they do not dominate over aesthetics and functionality, that's why the interior does not look intentionally coarse, industrial and factory-like.

An open style planning was borrowed from the loft style as well. The bar is divided into two open space areas, where different scenarios of seating areas were stipulated. In the center of the larger area for guests there is a "communal table" (a large table for 6 persons). This location is a good match for numerous youth companies.

To come together for a business breakfast or lunch to discuss bloggers' work, to spend time in an intellectual table game, snacking, to appoint a meeting of the book club over a cup of tea or simply discuss news over a glass of wine – one could do everything there. Besides hot-dogs, the GOOD BOY cuisine offers its customers a wide range of meals – from morning brunches to evening dinners, as well as a decent wine carte. That's why in any situation the guest eats tasty and nourishing meals and feels comfortable.

For those who prefer privacy and silent observation of the city there is an area opposite, near the window. It is convenient to drink a morning cup of coffee there, examining the passers-by, to have lunch outside and to see the departing day off, looking at the lights of the passing vehicles. The above location is also good for students or free lancers, who could work there on their notebooks, being distracted from time to time by the hustle and bustle of the city.

For introverts and those, who are accustomed to lunch alone, a soft area near the cashier-bar stand, was envisioned.

In the second area of the smaller size there are more couple and family locations. Tables for two or four create a privacy ambience. At the same time, the area does not look roomless and intimate. A mirror tile wall extends the space – and it became dynamic.

f we talk about the general design concept, the interior of this multi-functional bar house was completed up- to- date and balanced. However, the most important thing is that there is place for guests with various interests and taste habits.