Italian family restaurant

Russia, St. Petersburg Pulkovskoe Shosse 60, Bld. 1E
Projected area: 143 sq.m.
Seats: 82
The project implemented: 2022.
Photo: Anton Ivanov

A portion of good rural Italy in Saint-Petersburg. For our studio it was not a pilot project in our cooperation with a network of BONA CAPONA restaurants, being, however, a new look at a concept of the affordable Italian restaurant for every day visits.

What did we think about from the very beginning? Authenticity, removal to a small village in the South of Italy. Therefrom a key conceptual solution – a light, roomy interior, soaked with sun, where every detail is filled with coziness, warmness and family traditions. The basis for planning became a rational zoning principle: the central composition of the hall with a column, decorated with ceramic tiles with some openwork, sofa seat assignment with accent cushions, big floor cachepots with sprawling olive trees.

Seats on the podium are emphasized with a light metal guard group with wood insertions, forming a separate territory for a comfortable stay of the guests. A niche with double sofas, lightshades caned of jute and wall finishing from shelly limestone, located behind a children's room, complement the latter.

A bar counter with a massive oak tabletop borders and, at the same time, unites the main space with the bar zone. The massive table supports are finished with red mosaics. A bright colour accent, drawing attention and becoming a center of attraction.

Multiple wood details, customized objects produced under our sketches. The candelabra abat-jours made of thick jute rope and – simultaneously– elegant fine glass candelabra is a specific techniques, working on a contrast. Lots of attention has been paid to glost pottery with designs, rattan insertions, visual reflection of fine olive leaves.

To create a live, home interior of sentimental value a warm terracotta colour shade has been selected, making various materials, subjects and elements integral. Large panoramic windows admit abundant sunshine. A light and cordial ambience is setting in the restaurant.

Harmonic simplicity or simple harmony? Everyone decides on his/her own. A rare example, when a final result is higher than a sum of individual components.